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ROOM TONE - Microphone Suspension

ROOM TONE - Microphone Suspension

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mike diameter
Shock absorber

ROOM TONE is the ideal mike holder for all kind of mikes on boom or stand.
It offer an excellent efficiency in low-frequency filtering and infrabass insulation.
Thanks to its very short XLR plug and embedded cable, ROOM TONE is perfect in smallspaces (corridors, interiors...). Its lightweight is also very comfortable on long recordings session for the boom operator.

Compatible with all usual cylindric mikes on boom (Schoeps, Neumann, DPA, Sanken, Oktava...). Its structure offer many position for the shock absorbers depending of your mike type.

You can buy separate clips and shock absorbers to have an universal mike suspension. You can also change one time, for free your, your clips/shock absorbers and choose another combination, in example if you change your setup of mike.

Lenght : 9,6cm

Weight : aprox. 110g (depend of the shock absorber)

Come with 2 clips, allen wrench and bag

5 years warranty

Materials : plastic reinforced with carbon fiber, brass threaded inserts, Neutrik gold platted XLR plugs, Mogami wire.

Microphone not included.

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